Title of Presentation : Rural Communities Criminal Justice Awareness Project – RCC-JAP

Names of all Presenters : Jessica Callen and Jane McLeod

Short Abstract : This presentation will share experiences from KIRUCODO’s Justice Makers project implemented in Kyampisi Sub-County, Uganda. The key aim of the RCC-JAP is to involve poor rural communities in monitoring any legal abuses, be they human rights, criminal, property or any other type, and to provide a way to seek justice legally and confidently with no fear, regardless of their ethnic background, economic status, educational level, or gender.

Extending criminal justice services to rural areas is key for strengthening the rule of law and democracy in developing countries. Criminal justice is largely absent in most rural communities in developing countries due to increasing distances between criminal justice service providers and members of the community.

Additionally, a lack of information has led to the continuous suffering of vulnerable groups, predominantly women and children, at the hands of their fellow man because they do not know how or where to report their cases to.

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