Name : Jose Garcia-Anon

Professional title : Professor, PhD.

Affiliation : University of Valencia, Human Rights Institute. Faculty of Law

Country : Spain

Title of presentation : Fostering an Ethic of Pro Bono (Part I): Establishing and Teaching a Lawyer’s Public Citizen ResponsibilitiesHuman Rights and migrant’s detention centers around the world: exchanges and experiences ; European Human Rights protection: teaching with racial profiling cases

Short Bio : Vice-Dean of innovation Teaching and Quality, Faculty of Law, University of Valencia.éGarcíaAñón He currently teaches Theory and Philosophy of Law, Human rights, Legal Reasoning and Legal Methodology.

Research areas

Human Rights, especially Minorities Rights; Migrant rights; Women’s rights; discrimination and the Law; Racial discrimination; Multiculturalism and Law (FGM); Educational innovation on law (specifically using ICT tools for teaching). (