Title of Presentation : Beyond Lessons: Street Law at Young Offenders Institutions

Names of all Presenters : Asnida binti Mohd Suhaimi

Short Abstract : Since the Community Outreach Programme was first introduced at the Faculty of Law, University of Malaya, Malaysia in 2006, the street law programme was very well received by the students and the participating institutions. The clients of the Community Outreach Programme include the young offenders at a local prison and two other young offenders institutions. In other words, our main clients to a certain extent are the children who are incarcerated for their delinquencies. This paper intends to explore the role the Community Outreach Programme, our street law programme in bridging the gap between the children in the young offenders institutions and the relevant authorities, as well its role in improving the welfare of the children in such institutions through collaborative efforts with the Department of Prison and the Welfare Department of Malaysia.

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