Title of Presentation : Morals, Values, and Ethics in Clinical Teaching

Names of all Presenters : Wallace J. Mlyniec

Short Abstract : Clinical education has been at the fore-front of values-based education in the legal academy. Every case or project for which the clinic assumes representation creates clashes of societal values, questions of legal ethics, and for some, moral dilemmas that will test students, clients, lawyers, and teachers. For those reasons, new teachers must be given some insight into how to teach these issues when they arise in a clinical course. The paper begins with the premise that ethics, morals, and value are distinct, albeitrelated concepts. To be sure, there is an inherent ambiguity in these terms, especially since expanded definitions of each often encompass references to the others and because certain ethics or values may be based on moral principles. This paper seeks to help teachers distinguish among these concepts and discusses methods for helping students understand their roles.

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