Title of Presentation: Beyond Borders: Street Law for Migrant Workers, A Cross-Border Experience Between Two Countries

Names of all Presenters: Asnida Mohd Suahimi, Hesti Septianita, Leni Widi Mulyani, Norbani Mohamed Nazeri, Rosa Tedjabuwana

Short Abstract: In year 2012, two university-based Clinical Legal Education programmes in Malaysia and Indonesia embarked on a quest to promote legal literacy to Indonesian migrant workers who are working, or plan to work, in Malaysia. The project was implemented through street law clinics conducted by law students from the Community Outreach Programme (University of Malaya) and Clinical Legal Education (Pasundan University) that took place in Malaysia and Indonesia. The presentation will focus on the advantages and challenges of cross–border clinics with different legal systems, cultures and languages, and how to overcome the challenges. It will also demonstrate how such collaborative effort has the potential to fulfill political and moral purposes of clinical legal education, and share a few unexpected outcomes from the clinic.

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Full abstract: Street Law for Migrant Workers