Title of Presentation: Enhancing the Quality of Justice Work and Teaching through Partnerships with Small and Solo Firms

Names of all Presenters: Ann Juergens

Short Abstract: Small law firms are often overlooked in the search for ways to improve the quality of justice. This session seeks to explore effective collaboration with small firm lawyers to help our students engage with community justice issues and to create more capacity in those firms as they address those issues. Law schools tend to partner with NGOs, government offices, and even large firms when they bring practitioners into the schools and send law students out into real practice settings. Relatedly, the justice mission is commonly understood as work done in non-profit, governmental, or pro bono settings. Yet many small and solo firm practitioners are in close touch with the justice problems of low and middle-wage working people. They are in the trenches, in touch with inequality and injustice, even if they do not always have the resources to address the deficits they see every day. Juergens will talk briefly about her course that places students with small firms, then lead a discussion.

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