Title of Presentation: The Law Reform and Access to Justice Clinical Model: Pretrial Criminal Justice and Civil Law Clinics

Names of all Presenters: Doug Colbert, Ernest Ojukwu, Marianne Artusio, Nasiru Mukhtar, Neil Pacmalan

Short Abstract: Ideally clinics expose students to defects in a system of justice. Faculty can teach that enhancing access to justice is an obligation of the profession and of lawyers individually. A well-structured clinic calls attention to deficiencies that deprive marginalized people of access to counsel and to equal justice. Clinics designed with a focus on access to justice should take advantage of students’ experience in settings where they observe common deficiencies, recognize that these defects distort justice for disadvantaged populations, and can think broadly about needed changes. Panelists specializing in criminal and civil law will introduce their experiences with pretrial justice and civil clinics, highlighting benefits of a clinic’s law reform and access to justice component. Using interactive methods the panel will demonstrate techniques to develop students’ awareness of the need for improvements in the legal system and arguments to the University leaders for starting such clinics.

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