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Title: Empowering Sexual Exploited and A-Risk Women Through Entrepreneurship and Legal Education

Lead Presenter: Widi Mulyani, Leni


  1. Milam, Jane
  2. Rachmawati, Irma

Session Abstract: Women are a group in society that is vulnerable to becoming victims, one of which is a victim of sexual exploitation. There are many reasons behind them being a prostitute, the most common being economic reasons. This vulnerability is exploited by certain parties to exploit them and get profit. KITA organization provides an opportunity for these prostitutes to get money in a legal way so that their position in society is more respected. They were given training to make bags, table cloths, wallets and more. On the other hand, CLE Pasundan University's Faculty of Law provides free legal education to those who are no longer victims of exploitation, they are taught to identify acts of exploitation and how to report it if they become victims. This activity provides benefits not only providing skills but also legal knowledge.

Session Material:

  1. Empowering Sexually exploited women

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