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Title: Neverending Motivation and Satisfaction - Workshop of Positive Psychology for Legal Educators'

Lead Presenter: Przemysław, Kubiak


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Session Abstract: Positive psychology has a lot to offer to legal educators. Daily struggles with overwhelming stress, burn-out syndrome or lack of happiness, motivation or satisfaction at work, also as professional lawyers, are considered to be normal and necessary part of life. It does not has to be this way! On top, these skills are very rarely developed and trained intentionally by students or lawyers, with the help of professional knowledge, workshops or trainers. And still they are basic soft skills everyone should train, especially if one is working and helping other people. I like the metaphor that it is like somebody having one leg missing - we move forward, but not that much efficient. So it is necessary to train legal and psychological skills simultaneously. Like the weakest link in chain, in the long-term we are usually that good as our weakest facet! And the best news is, that Pareto rule applies to psychological skills as well! This rule says that very often 20% of causes, bring 80% of results. It fits my laziness attitude:-) I like to do little and have considerable results. Would not it be great to master one ability and improve in many areas of our life? Especially that one cannot train and develop few things at the same time - usually there are 2-3 actions we can make perfect in given moment. Last 30 years of research and clinical treatment showed that there is one feature which fulfils these criteria – psychological flexibility. Progress in this field influences general well-being, stress level, emotional unbalance, motivational rollercoasters, and many more, but also long-term efficiency and satisfaction. The goal of this workshop is to train basic mind mechanisms which influence our flexibility and general performance but also to encourage to teach that to others.

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