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Title: The Authority of Gampong Customary Court As An Alternatif to Resolving Misdimeanor in Aceh

Lead Presenter: Walny Rahayu, Sri


  1. Widi Mulyani, Leni

Session Abstract: The Authority of Gampong Customary Court As An Alternative in Resolving Misdimeanor in Aceh Abstract The purpose of this study is to describe, illustrate the binding power of the Gampong Customary Court in resolving Customary disputes in Aceh. The other objective is to explain the decision-making mechanism by the gampong adat justice judge in resolving disputes, and to explain the role and involvement of women in the decision-making mechanism. The study is important because the traditional gampong justice is the first alternative chosen by the parties in resolving community disputes in Aceh. The authority to prosecute is not explicitly regulated in the 1945 Constitution of the Indonesian Constitution, even though the traditional judicial arrangements are found. However, as a province that has special features and specialties, the authority of the Customary Courts in this case the Gampong Customary Courts does not conflict with the provisions of the 1945 Constitution which is the highest hierarchy of statutory regulations in Indonesia. Customary Courts in Aceh including the Gampong customary courts, legislation is regulated in the special context of Aceh starting from the level of the law, the Aceh Qanun to the governor's regulations There are 18 Types of petty crimes which become the authority of the Aceh / Gampong Traditional Courts. The 18 Types of minor crimes regulate norms for resolving violations in the field of private law and public law. This is because the special characteristics of customary law do not explicitly separate the two fields of law. Key words: Gampong Customary Court, Alternative in Resolving Misdimeanor, Aceh.

Session Material:

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