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Title: The utilisation of information and communication technology as a method for improving the performance law clinics

Lead Presenter: Jelinic, Zvonimir


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Session Abstract: In his paper presentation the author will argue that different ways of utilisation of ICT technology have immense capacity to improve the legal aid delivery by law clinics. After realising that they have a legal problem, people nowadays tend to firstly look at their smartphones hoping that it will be easy to find a coherent and inclusive answer and explanation to their legal troubles. However, finding proper answer can be very hard, often even impossible. On the other hand, in case one finds the information he needs, it might lack some crucial details or be out of date due to the changes in legislation or it will not be free of charge, but payment per click or some other option will be in use. The starting point for further elaborations lies with the fact that there are many common legal issues faced by people worldwide. No matter what is the type of the problem in question; debt collection, housing, divorce, custody or something else, some specific issues that are common to all problems of the same type can regularly be identified. Essentially, the idea that the presenter wants to reflect on is one tailor made process of digitalisation of legal opinions and advices commonly given in the course of clinical activities with strong search support options. By making clear, intelligible, user friendly and comprehensive answers available to virtually anyone confronted with specific legal problem, access to legal information would improve overnight, at least in the matters in which people do not need assistance of a lawyer to protect their rights. During presentation different models of online provision of legal information will be highlighted. Other issues, crucial for building the efficient system of digitally accessible legal information will be discussed.

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