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Title: A Street Law Experience in Brazil: teaching children about the value of Rule of Law

Lead Presenter: Pagani, Andre de Souza


  1. Buck Avelino, Pedro
  2. Roe, Richard L.

Session Abstract: The session's proposal is to share Mackenzie Presbyterian University's Street Law experience, which has been developed in the past 12 months. In partnership with a Public School, the program aims at 06 to 07 year´s old public-school students, in a community known for its poverty and violence. The methods developed intend to teach and foster a sense of Rule of Law, through which students start to reflect on the social and institutional role of Laws and law-abiding. What is the Law? Are they necessary? Are all laws fair? Are laws necessary or even aimed at fostering public interest? Should we follow and abide to them? It will be presented the methodology used in one specific class that applies a highly interactive approach, in which students are asked to play specific roles. Participants at the session would be asked to play the exact same role as the students in the street law program. Session would end with a reflection about the effects of the interactive method, regarding the target audience (students at the public school) and the necessity of rules.

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