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Title: Improving The Future Using Clinical Legal Education To Educate Law Students For Just Society

Lead Presenter: Choubey, Meenal


  1. Dhaiya, Shiksha

Session Abstract: Title of our paper is “IMPROVING THE FUTURE USING CLINICAL LEGAL EDUCATION TO EDUCATE LAW STUDENTS FOR JUST SOCIETY”, which is related to the theme “Achieving the sustainable development goals through justice education” In this paper we are trying to emphasize on the importance of having effective participation of faculties and students in clinical legal education at University level to achieve the sustainable development goals ultimately. Sensitizing law students in their formative years of legal career is of utmost importance as such experiences would develop empathy among students and make them realize their responsibilities as a future lawyer towards the weaker section of society. Clinical legal education has wider goals of enabling law students to administration of law, in the reformation of the law, in the equitable distribution of the legal services in the society, in the protection of individual rights and public rights and upholding the basic principles of professionalism. Having an effective implementation of legal aid services can undoubtedly eradicate obstacles in achieving SDG’s (to be specific, SDG4: Quality Education, SDG5: Gender equality, SDG 10: Reduced inequalities) and uplifting the standard of living in the society.

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