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Title: CALLED TO THE BAR: A comparative study - What various jurisdictions across the world require before an individual can be “called to the bar”

Lead Presenter: Cole, Liz Ryan


  1. Bamgbose, Oludayo John
  2. Campbell, Jonathan
  3. Ditucalan, Zed
  4. Ernst, Lindsay
  5. Fernandez Artiach, Pilar
  6. Milne, Jo
  7. Nwedu, Cosmos Nike

Session Abstract: Do you want to reexamine your assumptions about what it means to qualify as and then be a lawyer? If so please join O.J. Bamgbose, Cosmos Nike Nwedu (Nigeria), Jonathan Campbell (South Africa), Liz Ryan Cole (US), Alizedney M. Ditucalan (Philippines), Lindsay Ernst (Hong Kong), Pilar Fernandez (Spain), Lynette B. Osiemo (Kenya), and Jo Milne (Australia) as we examine what we know and do not know about what is required of lawyers to the point of admission to practice, what it means to be “called to the bar”, how the bar and the state interact on this subject, and what questions might be valuable to ask going forward.

Session Material:

  1. Called to the Bar Survey for Conference1

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