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Title: Crossed views between clinical legal education and educational sciences

Lead Presenter: Deramat, Marie


  1. Jourdan, Pauline

Session Abstract: The law clinic of Bordeaux university opened its doors in 2013, proposing to 5th year law students, authentic learning situations, for example through a legal aid service, or applied research. The need to structure the methodology used in these activities has progressed and so, the Bordeaux law clinic has partnered with an inside structure of Bordeaux university called MAPI (Mission d’appui à la Pédagogie et à l’innovation – Support Mission for Pedagogy and Innovation) – with one objective in mind: collaborate with specialist. Indeed, educational sciences can bring another perspective on clinical education, analyzing the educational facts proposed within it, their frameworks and the conditions of transmission of knowledge and skills. The collaboration between the law clinic and the Mapi allow an enrichment of clinical legal education thanks to academic research in Educational Sciences applying in authentic situation as in clinical legal education. The session proposed was articulated as a dialogue on learning mechanism activated in clinical legal education, with on one side, the expression of practical difficulties in our clinical legal education activities, and on the other side, the existing approaches in educational sciences. The dialogue specifically addressed the following points: - How to articulate experiential learning and traditional teaching? - How can we evaluate students’ knowledge and skills in a context where they are mainly working in autonomy? - The necessary evolution of the traditional positions in the student/teacher relation. What limitations? Presented by: Marie Deramat, Pauline Jourdan & Sébastien Tournaux (University of Bordeaux, France).

Session Material:

  1. PowerPoint GAJE Clinique du Droit

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