Title of Presentation: Economic Development and Human Rights: The Case of Jaffa – Housing Development Amidst National Divides

Names of all Presenters: Neta Ziv

Short Abstract: Over the past decade, legal and communal activities directed at promoting affordable housing have been carried out by the Housing, Community and Law Clinic (hereinafter the HCLC) at the Faculty of Law at Tel Aviv University. In the last year, we have joined forces with our Micro business and Economic Justice Clinic (MBEJC), as our projects involve community economic development as their core modus of operation. The project addresses housing and other needs of Jewish and Arab residents of Jaffa by combining strategies and input from different disciplines: law, community organizing, urban planning, real estate development and financing. For this purpose we cooperate with different departments at Tel Aviv University: The Faculty of Law, The School of Architecture, the Department of Sociology & Anthropology and the Film School. Students (doing their Bachelor of Masters degree) take part in the clinic. Faculty from three schools teaches in the clinic and are involved in the projectץ

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Neta Ziv PPT Economic Development and Human Rights