Title of Presentation: Building Effective Community Partnerships and Creating Innovative Interprofessional Education Collaborations

Names of all Presenters: Lisa Bliss, Mary Anne Noone, Peggy Maisel, Sylvia Caley

Short Abstract: This workshop will introduce participants to the concepts of community collaboration and inter-professional problem-solving. Too often justice educators and other professionals deal with poverty and its effects in silos without coordinating their approaches to addressing the problems of vulnerable and marginalized people. Social problems can be addressed more effectively by creating community collaborations to improve community conditions. This session provides participants the opportunity to simulate collaboration among different professionals to devise a plan to develop, fund, evaluate and sustain a social justice community collaboration that offers a comprehensive approach to serving the community. The workshop is designed to stimulate participants to look beyond their institutions and their professions toward the community.

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Session Outline

Group Exercise

Funder Exercise