Title of Presentation: Using Self-Determination Theory for Enhanced Effectiveness of Justice Education Programs: Applying Research on Motivation and Happiness to Course Design and Teaching

Names of all Presenters: Catherine Klein, Ernest Ojukwu, Freda Grealy, Leah Wortham, Paula Galowitz

Short Abstract: The proposal focuses on cross-culturally validated research on self-determination theory regarding factors in human motivation and feelings of well-being. People are motivated and thrive with a perceived sense of autonomy (meaning self-direction and authenticity), mastery, relatedness to others, and a sense of purpose. This presentation considered application of this research to legal education (encompassing the first degree, post-graduate programs and continuing legal education) as well as people’s lives as lawyers across cultures and legal systems. The session included showing a video by Daniel Pink on research on effective motivation for creative and complex tasks. Uploaded materials include a pdf of Leah Wortham, Catherine F. Klein, & Beryl Blaustone, Autonomy-Mastery-Purpose: Structuring Clinical Courses to Enhance These Critical Educational Goals, 18 INT. J. CLINICAL LEGAL ED. 103 (2012), a bibliography of related materials, and the power point shown.

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Power Point Presentation December 13 2013

Bibliography of Relevant Material

2012 International Journal of Clinical Legal Education article