Title of Presentation: International and Comparative Human Rights Practicum: A Clinic Across Borders

Names of all Presenters: Srikrishna Deva Rao

Short Abstract: This session will discuss a unique winter practicum, now in its fourth year, which brings together U.S. and Indian law students in New Delhi for hands-on human rights work. The panel will engage the audience in discussing the following types of questions: (1)What gaps can a transnational clinic fill that isn’t currently being filled by doctrinal law courses, domestic clinics, or nonprofit organizations? (2)How might an international presence enhance or compromise advocacy efforts? (3)What strategies can be used to sustain projects long-term when working with students who are available for only a short time and who change each year? (4) How can a transnational clinic help students develop a personal vision of themselves as lawyers? How can it help them develop critiques of the systems in which they work? (5) What types of experiences help move students from an observer to activist role? (6)How can theories be integrated with fieldwork?

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