Title of Presentation: Advancing Global and Local Justice by Teaching Interpersonal Competencies

Names of all Presenters: Cynthia Adcock, Marjorie Silver, Susan Brooks

Short Abstract: Peaceful resolution of conflict—whether between individuals, communities or nation states—ultimately requires that the parties at the table have the necessary interpersonal competencies to achieve such goals. These competencies include self-awareness and awareness of the psychodynamic processes of those with whom they interact. This interactive workshop will focus on the role of relational competencies in legal education and practice, and their relationship to the peaceful resolution of controversy. The importance of relational skills in grounded in empirical work drawn from fields such as positive psychology and neuroscience. Each of the three co-presenters teaches relational skills in different contexts within her own institution and believes that these skills can be learned, and that their learning both demands and facilitates students’ concurrent development of Emotional Intelligence. Most of the session will consist of opportunities for participants to learn experientially.

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