Name: Ivanna Ilchenko

Professional Title: PhD student

Affiliation: National University of Kyiv Mohula Academy

Country: Ukraine

Title of Presentation: The Success of Grassroots Justice in the Ukraine: A Case Study

Short Bio: Ivanna Ilchenko is a recently graduate LLM Human Right student (CEU, Budapest) and currently a PhD student affiliated at NU “Kyiv Mohyla academy” (Kyiv, Ukraine). Her main field of interest is Human Rights and their effective implementation in Europe. Her master’s thesis research was devoted to the problems of the ECtHR’s Pilot Judgments’ execution faced by Russia and Ukraine. Ivanna Ilchenko gained her practical experience working for both Government institutions and NGOs. In particular, three years employment with the Office of Government Agent before the ECtHR and two short-term contracts with OSCE ODIHR for Election Missions in Ukraine, internships at Polish Ofiice of Government Agent before the ECtHR and at Budapest’s office of PiLNet.  In addition, Ivanna Ilchenko is honored to be IVLP and Kirkland fellow. She has over two dozen published articles and conference papers and has been a team member of two international projects (WDEE and advocacy paper with Helsinki Hungarian Foundation).