Name: Jose Garcia Anon

Professional Title: Professor in the School of Law and researcher in the Human Rights Institute

Affiliation: University of Valencia

Country: Spain

Title of Presentation: Global Migration and the Rights of Immigrants; Blocked by Borders: Law Clinics in Support of Migrants

Short Bio: José García-Añón is Director of the International Human Rights Clinic in the Legal Clinic for Social Justice, Law School, Universitat de Valencia ( His main research interests and publications are on human Rights, especially Minorities Rights, Migrant rights, Women’s rights; discrimination and the Law; Racial and Ethnic discrimination (specifically Racial Profiling); Multiculturalism and Human Rights (specifically Female Genital Mutilation); Innovation and Methods on teaching and learning Law (specifically using ICT tools for teaching and Clinical Legal Education). He has participated in the organization committee in several seminars and conferences, it should be noted the 6th Worldwide Conference of the Global Alliance for Justice Education (GAJE) and the 9th International Journal of Legal Education (IJCLE) Conference, 11-15 July 2011 (; recently the 5th Spanish Legal Conference on Legal Education (September 2013) (