Title of Presentation: Legal Clinics as Emerging Human Rights Actors at the Local and Global Levels

Names of all Presenters: Mutaz Qafisheh

Short Abstract: This paper argues that the potential for university legal clinics to advance human rights, at the individuals level, is unbound; due to the fact that students in legal clinics/law schools come from most or all parts of any given country. If these students are well-trained to act as social/human rights activists, they may forge a breakthrough with regard to the notion of human rights protection locally. Creating inter-clinical networks may, in turn, affect the global human rights protection systems. The paper draws on the successful examples of clinical programs in selected countries (e.g. street law, legal awareness, human rights advocacy, recent human rights activities of specialized clinics at the universal level as well as human rights volunteering) to show that legal clinics may become the alternative towards the achievement of concrete realization of international human rights law that has never been realized due, inter alia, to the lack of effective protection mechanisms.

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