Title of Presentation: Integrating Actual Legal Work into Traditional Classes (With Attention to First-Year and Large Classes)

Names of all Presenters: Steven Schwinn

Short Abstract: This session will explore several ways of integrating actual legal work into traditional law school classes (that is, non-clinical classes), with an eye toward first-year and large classes. The session is premised on the idea that actual legal work is an essential component of legal education, especially in the first year, but that incorporating actual legal work into first-year and traditional law school classes presents unique challenges. Thus the session will explore every aspect of incorporating actual legal work into these classes, including selecting appropriate cases, working with NGO partners, defining the scope of the projects for students, and supervising and evaluating student work. We will allow plenty of time for brainstorming and even for developing potential projects among and between participants. Participants can expect to leave with a plan and support for incorporating actual legal work into their own traditional classes.

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