Name: Luis Daniel Sosa

Professional Title:

Affiliation: Autonomous University of Santo Domingo, Communitary Legal Service Center of Santo Domingo

Country: Dominican Republic

Title of Presentation: Post-Graduate Support in Legal Education: Incubators and Residency Programs

Short Bio: He graduated with honors law degree from the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD) at 21. He is currently co-founder member of the Community Legal Services Center of Santo Domingo (CECSEL-SD), the first incubator for lawyers outside the United States.  Since high school she has participated in programs of social work and has represented the Dominican Republic in international conferences and simulations of systems, Buenos Aires, Argentina, San Diego, NYC, USA, Delhi, India. He has completed internships at the National Judicial College in his country, Bono Center (NGO) RD, in the Supreme Court of Justice of the Republic Dominana and Family Court, Brooklyn, NYC, USA.  Currently he is working as solo practitioner attorney and programs access to justice. As a member of CECSEL-SD develops his main practice with victims of domestic violence.