Name: Luis Raniel Calcano

Professional Title: Lawyer

Affiliation: Communitary Legal Services Center

Country: Dominican Republic

Title of Presentation: Post-Graduate Support in Legal Education: Incubators and Residency Programs

Short Bio: Law Degree Magna Cum Laude by the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD), Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, School of Jurisprudence and Political Science. Co-Coordinator and Legal Technician in the Community Legal Services Center in Santo Domingo (CECSEL-SD) ´´The Fisrt Lawyer´s Incubator Outside of the USA and the First in the Caribbean. (March 2013- present) and current extenssión program from the School of Jurisprudence and Political Science of the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD). Activist for the increasing of Access to justice in Dominican Republic marginalized communitties. Researcher´s monitor in the Dominican Judicial Observatory (DJO) belonging to the Global Foundation for the Democracy and the Development (GFDD) in Constitutional, Administrative, Tributaire and Electoral justice´s areas (November 2013 – present). Collaborator in the Committe for the Study and Difussion of Law in Latin America, Dominican Chapter (CEDDAL RD).