Name: Marjorie Silver

Professional Title: Professor of Law

Affiliation: Touro College Law Center

Country: United States

Title of Presentation: Advancing Global and Local Justice by Teaching Interpersonal Competencies

Short Bio: Marjorie Silver has an international reputation as a teacher, speaker and writer on emotional competence, psychological-mindedness, legal education, lawyering, and professionalism. She is a contributing author and the editor of The Affective Assistance of Counsel: Practicing Law as a Healing Profession (Carolina Academic Press 2007). She has published extensively on the importance of teaching emotional intelligence as a part of legal education and helping law students and lawyers to be more psychologically-minded. She is currently editing a second compendium tentatively entitled Transforming Justice, Lawyers and the Practice of Law. Professor Silver teaches first year students about the possibilities for non-adversarial resolution of conflict, and integrates such teachings into all of her courses. Professor Silver received her law degree from the University of Pennsylvania and is a member of the New York bar.