Name: Laurel Oates

Professional Title: Professor of Law

Affiliation: Seattle University School of Law

Country: United States

Title of Presentation: Advancing the Rule of Law Abroad: Critiquing the Critique

Short Bio: Professor Laurel Currie Oates is the co-founder of Seattle University School of Law’s Legal Writing program, which has been consistently ranked as the top legal writing program in the United States. In addition, Professor Oates is one of the co-founders of the Legal Writing Institute, a 2,400 member organization that promotes the effective teaching of legal writing. During the last 10 years, Professor Oates has taught legal writing in a number of countries, including Afghanistan, Botswana, China, India, Kenya, Uganda, and South Africa, and she is the process of launching an online legal writing course that will be offered by Seattle University starting February 1, 2014. Professor Oates is also the author of six books on Legal Writing and the author of a number of articles on learning theory and teaching.