Title of Presentation: Mindful Pathways to Social Justice

Names of all Presenters: Angela Gius, Richard Roe, Subhram Rajkhowa

Short Abstract: Mindfulness involves engaging fully in the present moment in a nonjudgmental way and in tune with self knowledge and core values. It is characterized by awareness, insight, wisdom and compassion. Mindful and meditative practices (e.g., meditation, yoga, qi gong) have blossomed within the field of lawyering. The benefits of mindful practices include stress reduction, clarity of mind and purpose, and the development of lawyering skills (e.g., mediation, client contact and advocacy), law teaching, and clinical supervision.

The broad goals of this session are to increase participants’ awareness of mindfulness in legal education and the practice of law, share mindfulness exercises, and explore how mindfulness can contribute to social justice. Participants, from novice to practiced, will engage in a short series of mindful activities, discuss them, and relate their experiences to their lives and work for social justice.

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