Name: Krisada Jaikaewti

Professional Title: Lecturer in Law

Affiliation: Faculty of Law, University of Phayao.

Country: Thailand

Title of Presentation: Public Health Policy Development and Implementation: Incorporating Students into the Systemic Advocacy Process

Short Bio: Krisada Jaikaewti is a lawyer and lecturer in law at the University of Phayao, Jaikaewti interested in public health law. During his undergraduate studies at the Chiang Mai University, he has studied the law, enforcement and the problems relating to the criminal laws in Thailand such as the issue about abortion. He has experiences in teaching health law and ethics for over 4 years, and was invited to be a guest speaker by the School of Medicine, University of Phayao. He was a legal advisor for the Phayao Provincial Public Health Office and the legal counsel of Multidisciplinary Organization in Phayao province. On the part of the teaching, Jaikaewti has realized the importance of the learning by doing because the students can learn about social problem in practice and also apply a legal solution to solve such problem. After that a students can decided “Is that a really justice?”. Jaikaewti is a graduate of the Chiang Mai University, Faculty of Law and is a member of the Thai Bar.