Name: Rama Krishna Prasad Mandava

Professional Title : Associate Professor

Affiliation : V.M.Salgaocar College of Law

Country : India

Title of Presentation : Empowering Communities through Law School Clinics in Effecting Good Rural Governance in Developing CountriesTransforming Students, Transforming Selves: Teaching and Learning about Social Change in ContextA Study and Demonstrations of Cross Border CLE Collaborative Initiatives-The BABSEA CLE Experience

Short Bio : Research Interest(s)
Constitutional Law, Human Rights and Clinical legal education

  • B.A. Economics, Nagarjuna University
  • LL.B. Nagarjuna University
  • LL.M. Vanderbilt University USA
  • Specialization:
  • Constitutional Law, Clinical Legal Education

M.R.K. Prasad is an associate Professor in V.M.Salgaocar College of Law, Panaji, Goa, India. He is the first recipient of Vanderbilt – Fulbright fellowship in clinical legal education from India. He is also very active in the clinical education movement in India, most notably through establishing 40 community law clinics in state of Goa. He is an active member of Global Alliance for Justice Education. He was instrumental in establishing Forum of South Asian Clinical Law Teachers. Presently he is the Secretary of the Forum. He is also actively involved in training 200 law teacher allover India in clinical legal education in association with Menon Institute of Legal Advocacy and Training. He is also a member of National Coordination Committee to conduct National rounds of Louis M. Brown International Client Counseling and Interviewing competition.
Currently he is involved with Government of India – United Nations Development Fund Project on Access to Justice: Study of the Law School Based Legal Service Clinics in India