Title of Presentation : A Study and Demonstrations of Cross Border CLE Collaborative Initiatives-The BABSEA CLE Experience

Names of all Presenters : Bruce A. Lasky, Wendy Morrish, Nadia Morales, Rachel Bardiger, Panarairat Srichaiyarat, Asnida Mohd Suhaimi, Suzanna Abdul Hadi, Norbani Mohamed Nazeri, Helen Yandell, Ramakrishna, M.K.R. Prasad, Xu Xiaofeng, Simon Rice , Nandang Sutrisno, Vidjia Phun, Gwynne Skinner

Short Abstract : The presentation will provide a study and present specific demonstrations of cross border CLE collaborative initiatives. The presentations will focus on the value, ways, means and methods that BABSEA CLE has worked with many of its CLE partners to develop a supportive network of CLE programs whereby the partners have directly worked and assisted each other in developing and strengthing their CLE programs. Partners participating are currently being identified, and some of their participation may be dependent on financial ability to attend but it is expected that participants and CLE collaborative programs will include participants from USA, Australia, Thailand, China, Viet Nam, Malaysia, Cambodia and Indonesia. There will be a specific focus on methods of working to gain accreditation of CLE programs at universities and the development of human resource training, curriculum and other materials to assist in this process.

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Helen Yandell volunteering with BABSEA CLE 2010.doc