Title of Presentation : Empowering Communities through Law School Clinics in Effecting Good Rural Governance in Developing Countries

Names of all Presenters : Jane Schukoske ,  M.R.K. Prasad , Anirban Chakraborty , Ajay Pandey

Short Abstract : India is viewed by the world at large as a fast paced growing economy. However, one cannot be blinded with the growth rate, as economic growth does not necessarily result in development. India is a classic example of growing economically when large sections of the population, particularly in rural areas have largely remained untouched by the positive aspects of development. Therefore, there is a need to address the concerns resulting from such a scenario and to focus on social development.

Several policies and welfare measures in terms of guaranteeing employment, subsidized food grains through public distribution system, public health, free and compulsory education, mid-day meals to the children in public schools and greater transparency in governance are the key for good rural governance and social development.

Some law school clinics in India came up with some innovative initiatives in involving citizens in effecting governance for effective delivery of services to the poor.

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