Name: Thip Nouansyvong

Professional Title: Laos National CLE Coordinator

Affiliation: Faculty of Law and Political Science Clinical Legal Education, National University of Laos

Country: Laos

Title of Presentation: A Model of the Intersection and Collaboration Between Pro Bono and Justice Education: Experiences in Southeast Asia

Short Bio: Thip is young lawyer, a member of Lao Bar Association. Currently, she works with BABSEA CLE / FLP CLE as Laos National CLE Coordinator, she is in charge in assist in the strengthening of the FLP CLE Program including but not limited to the implementation of an In-House Live Client Consultation Center and expansion of the Community Legal Education Program; and also in designing and implementing a nationwide plan for CLE throughout Laos.
She was in charged of Local Organizing Committee for the 1st SE Asia Pro Bono Conference 2012 in Laos and International Organizing Committee for the 2nd SE Asia/Asia Pro Bono Conference 2013 in Vietnam.