Title of Presentation : The Days of Law as a Form of Legal Enlightenment

Names of all Presenters : Alena Mikhasiova, Yuliya Saukina, Marina Kirichuk

Short Abstract : One of the most important steps in solving the problem of legal nihilism is to spread and popularize legal knowledge among the people, especially among the youth. Each legal clinic in almost each country defines these goals, but we would like to show something that differs our country from others. The Days of Law is a mobile law school for students of non-legal faculties. It is a complex of events and activities, for example: brief multimedia presentation about jurisprudence, mini press conferences divided into workshops on different legal topics, interactive seminar on the legal issues concerning hosting faculty specific, intellectual team games What ? Where? When? and Brain-Ring, The Hour of Courtthe moot, case studies: staging and solution of daily legal situations, consultations of specialists (mini reception room of practicing lawyers), etc.Students and lectures of hosting faculties are obligatory involved in process of organizing of the Days of Law.

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