Title of Presentation : Access to Human Rights: Lawyering for Drug Users and Sex Workers

Names of all Presenters : Mariana Berbec, Tatyana Margolin

Short Abstract : To provide effective legal aid for the most marginalized populations, such as drug users, sex workers, and people living with HIV/AIDS, takes more than a law degree and a willingness to accept a pay cut. These populations have special legal needs and require creative approaches that will make legal assistance accessible and useful. Legal aid to the most marginalized must be free of judgment, provided in an environment and a place deemed safe by these groups, and at times that are convenient for the groups, though not necessarily for the lawyers. Effective legal aid is crucial to the improvement of overall well-being of these groups, and absolutely essential in increasing and improving their access to much-needed health services. In this session, we will discuss lawyering for most marginalized groups within public health sphere, their specific legal needs, ways to provide services to them, and the role that law schools can and should play in educating future lawyers for the marginalized.

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