Title of Presentation : The Use of Virtual Law Programs to Support Access to Justice Education Initiatives

Names of all Presenters : Simon Rice, Bruce Lasky, Wendy Morrish, Tina Cockburn

Short Abstract : The presentation will demonstrate the means, methods and purposes behind the use of online CLE programs whereby universities connect to civil society and other partners involved in access to justice activities. A particular focus will be on the programatic educational activities of the Queensland University of Technology and the Australian National University Viritual Law Placement Programs with their partner Bridges Across Borders South East Asia Community Legal Education Initaitive (BABSEA CLE). The session will discuss the history of the development of these programs, including the strategic actions taken to receive faculty approval for accreditation. It will also include the challenges of setting up and maintaining such programs, as well as the lessons learned and applied in doing so. There will be a demonstrative illustration of the social justice projects worked on by the students and how this was facilitated via the virtual program.

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