Title of Presentation : Promoting Awareness of Environmental Justice in Law Students: Beyond the Legal Clinic

Names of all Presenters : Veronika Tomoszkova, Magdalena Peterkova, Zuzana Adameova

Short Abstract : Developing awareness of environmental justice issues in potential graduates motivates them to promote the respect for environmental protection in their legal practice. In the societies where the general awareness of environmental justice is low due to the political background (such as 40 years of communist regime in former Czechoslovakia) the real challenge is to influence the majority of law students in this respect obviously this cannot be achieved by using the traditional (non-interactive) teaching methods. The law clinic provides the effective methodology which can be adapted even for the needs of a compulsory doctrinal course. In the proposed workshop we would like to share our experience with expansion of clinical methodology into the compulsory course of Environmental Law and demonstrate it on some of the activities we have made part of the class sessions.

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