Title of Presentation : The Impact of Clinical Legal Education Curriculum and Delivery on Students Performance: A Case Study of the Nigerian Law School

Names of all Presenters : Odigie-Emmanuel Omoyemen Lucia, Ruth Mestre

Short Abstract : This research investigated the Impact of Clinical Legal Education Curriculum on Students Performance and Delivery in the Nigerian Law School. This study documented the findings of a comparative analysis of students performance in their bar final exams between 2006-2009 of implementing both curricula, the acquisition of practical skills and the ability and readiness of students trained under the old and new curriculum to fit into their roles as lawyers was examined the study also examined the fidelity of implementation of the new curriculum using several lenses including an observational framework that was built on the ought of standard based use of clinical legal education curriculum and the is as is currently implemented in the law school campuses. This study utilized the parameters of analysis of Bar Final Examination Results from 2006 to 2009 documenting the progression of students performance, an analysis of ASCLO Form 3 and an analysis of survey instrument and Interviews.

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