Title of Presentation : Restructuring Student Assessment in Clinical Legal Education: A Comparison of Medical and Law Clinic Practices

Names of all Presenters : Kevwe Mary Omoragbon

Short Abstract : Clinical Legal Education has gone a long way to improve the quality and standard of legal education by producing law graduates equipped with the requisite skills needed to practice law. Yet, it faces a major challenge of developing valid and reliable assessment methods for students undertaking the programme. Challenges have arisen as a result of the assessment of students involvement in the clinic. One significant problem is that conventional classroom-based assessment methods are often poorly suited to the assessment of the skill and practice based course for students in a law clinic.
As students are more likely to take various stages of skill learning seriously if they know they will be assessed on their efforts, it is important to design and develop assessment methods which will encompass the skills as well as the substantive knowledge which students are expected to acquire through participation in the clinic.Clinical Legal Education draws inspiration from practice-based course

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