Title of Presentation : Fostering an Ethic of Pro Bono (Part I): Establishing and Teaching a Lawyer’s Public Citizen Responsibilities

Names of all Presenters : Doug Colbert, Marianne Artusio, Dimitry ShabelnikovKara Irwin , Jose A. Garcia

Short Abstract : Given the uneven foundation in ethical responsibilities provided by much of legal education, it is not surprising that the profession has fallen short of its ethical duties, but in many nations vigorous efforts to engage the private bar have borne fruit.   In this panel, efforts of three nations to incorporate justice education will be explored.  The panel intends to discuss ways of enhancing the role of law professors in educating and instilling ethical responsibilities, as lawyers in practice confront the need for representation. The panel will present a model of design of clinical and traditional courses that incorporate lessons of public duty and pro bono service in the ordinary experience of legal education

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