Title of Presentation : Mainstreaming Human Rights and Justice Concerns in the Law Department Curriculum

Names of all Presenters : Leah Wortham, Elida K. Nogoibaeva, David McQuoid-Mason, Catherine F. Klein

Short Abstract : Courses focusing on international human rights law provide an important substantive foundation for law students. On the other hand, if human rights doctrines and concerns are raised only in that type of elective, the message to law students can be that human rights and justice concerns are not the mainstream considerations of the law school curriculum, lawyers, and a justice system. Furthermore, implementation of human rights guarantees usually requires implementation in the national laws and legal systems of a country. This session will focus on how human rights and justice concerns can be introduced in regular courses throughout the curriculum as well as strategies to get more law faculty and law schools to consider doing so. Similar debates have taken place about the segregation of legal ethics and teaching of legal skills in separate courses, and experience in this regard may be drawn on as an analogy.

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