Title of Presentation : A Clean Slate: What shall I draw? Establishing a New Legal Advice Clinic in a New Law School.

Names of all Presenters : Rachel Spencer

Short Abstract : In 2011, the School of Law at the University of South Australia opened a new Legal Advice Clinic. This presentation will explore the policy decisions made in relation to Clinic management and the role of clinical programs in legal education generally. This paper also addresses three major questions: What is the teaching and learning framework within which the clinic is to operate?, What Graduate Qualities will be achieved through the establishment of the clinic?, What is the overarching priority of the clinic? Is it to foster a pro bono ethic in law students? Or is it to provide access to justice through pro bono legal advice to the public? Or is it to enable law students to learn professional skills before graduating from law school?, Experienced clinicians will also be invited to offer ideas about how they might set up a new clinic, were they to have their time again with a clean slate.

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