Title of Presentation : Enhancing Legal Education’s Core Values – Social Justice Apprenticeships/Court Collaborations

Names of all Presenters : Natalie Gomez-Velez

Short Abstract : CUNY Law School has established court collaborations with a social justice focus throughout the law school curriculum, from law school entry to and following graduation. These collaborations connect law students and graduates to courts, judging, and justice. From orientation sessions involving court visits and reflections on images of justice, to innovative coursework in collaboration with courts and judges (including Access to Justice in Housing, Writing from a Judicial Perspective), to the first of its kind LaunchPad to Justice, connecting CUNY recent law graduates with the New York Courts Volunteer Lawyer for a Day program, providing an apprenticeship that continues legal education, supporting the transition to practice while serving unrepresented litigants through supervised, structured discrete task (or unbundled) representation. These innovative collaborations help prepare students to be effective social justice lawyers.

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