Title of Presentation : An Option for the Thai Legal Education Reform: Learning from CLE in China

Names of all Presenters : Panarairat Srichaiyarat, Chen Jiamin

Short Abstract : The presentation will present the outcomes of an interview study conducted at 3 Chinese law schools in 2009: Peking, Tsinghua, and Renmin. The study aimed to find out the effects of Clinical Legal Education on Chinese law students to analyze whether or not the Thai law schools should adopt CLE to their law program. This study found that many Chinese law students selected the CLE course with the purpose to gain lawyering skills. However, their CLE experience provided them opportunities to understand the difference between the law on paper and the law in reality, its effect on disadvantaged people, and the necessity of professional ethical standards,. This understanding brought about their sensitivity to the needs of disadvantaged people, motivation to work for them, social justice awareness, and also good attitude toward legal profession.

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