Title of Presentation : Reconstruction of Professional Ethics in Post-communist Society Through Legal Education

Names of all Presenters : Maxim Tomoszek, Martin Kopa

Short Abstract : During the Communist rule, ethical aspects of lawyers work were practically inexistent and even 22 years after change of regime, they are still neglected in practice. Therefore, one could not rely on learning professional ethics in practice, quite the contrary. Subject focused on professional ethics was missing in the curriculum of the Law faculty of Palacky University, so we decided to start an optional course Professional ethics. The most shocking finding was that vast majority of students stated that they entered law school because of their future income. The first challenge was to require students to think and act ethically, when in practice this may be even disadvantageous. Additionally, there is no deeper theoretical background for professional ethics. The aim of this presentation is to reflect on ways how we dealt with these challenges and to discuss the best ways of developing professional responsibility awareness of the whole legal profession through legal education.

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