Title of Presentation : Providing Effective Representation to Immigrants in Law School Clinics: Challenges, Comparisons and Collaborations

Names of all Presenters : Won Kidane, Stacy Caplow

Short Abstract : Clinics that provide students with the opportunity to represent immigrants are proliferating. Students work with asylum seekers, victims of domestic violence, unaccompanied minors and detainees. Since streams of migration can be found all over the world, there are many common issues, both substantive and procedural, the students and lawyers encounter in this representation. How a nation treats migrants and immigrantsi n the formal processes of status determination reveals much about its character and humanity. There are also many differences in the attitudes and the rules governing this process. This panel will explore these differences, examine similarities, and discuss the lessons that can be learning through this work. Programs both in the US and in Hong Kong will be featured, and will be used to illustrate possibilities for collaboration, cooperation cross-cultural bridge building.

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