Title of Presentation : 42 Placements on – Sheffield Hallam University’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galactical Placements

Names of all Presenters : Colleen Smith, Anna Deans

Short Abstract : This paper will explore whether placements are an alternative/addition to in house clinical modules. We will examine the pedagogic rationale of student placements, who benefits and how. We will appraise how placement schemes are developed, secured, operated and how the module is taught and assessed. In addition we will discuss collaboration with employers and the development of cross jurisdictional partnerships. In our experience, clinical modules face several conflicts of interest for example where client needs conflict with educational aims. We will undertake a comparative study of other clinical modules, to consider whether placements are an alternative to the traditional ‘in house’ live client work. This paper will also highlight the challenges in running such placement schemes and how potentially these challenges can be overcome.

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