Title of Presentation : The Way to Legal Practice Education in Zhejiang GongShang University

Names of all Presenters : Jianming Liu, Mingfei Hu

Short Abstract : The proposal briefly introduces the necessity of curriculum system reform by using the statistics of low employment rate about law graduates, and points out that the quality of existing legal education is the main reason causing that situation. With further analysis, the proposal indicates the problems in current curriculum system by using different forms to explain the current settings of different courses in our curriculum system. First of all, we have a teaching team with 8 teachers who are devoted themselves to legal practice teaching. All of them have rich practical experiences, theyve learned the advanced teaching methods from Sino-America experiential legal education workshop. Secondly, we already increased the courses of practical skills in the specialized elective curriculum system. In the second part, the proposal introduces three different examples to elicit what exactly weve been doing, not only curriculum reform but also the improvement of teaching methods.

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