Title of Presentation : Assessment of practical skills vis-à-vis assessment of academic law courses

Names of all Presenters : Daven Dass

Short Abstract : Law schools endow students with both the substantive and theoretical aspects of the law. It is however, the supplementation of these aspects and the subsequent development of skills, fundamental to the practice of law that clinical legal education aims to address. A law clinic can thus be construed as an almost ideal pedagogical platform, especially through the use of the real client model to encapsulate the aforementioned hybrid. Mindful of the above, the most pivotal question that would be raised is: how is this concept of practical skills assessed? From the outset, the ideal is to formulate a standard of assessment, determined against the goals set, against which the curriculum for the course was developed. When considering the success of any clinical programme, the students’ acquisition and subsequent application of practical skills acquired, needs to be assessed.Clinical legal education is now an accepted part of the law curriculum and clinicians should focus on the assessment.

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